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The Disappeared

31 Mar

Billy Campbell and Ryan Doucette in The Disappeared.
Photo by Mike Tompkins

The Disappeared
is a feature film that was shot off the coast of Lunenburg, NS in September 2011. LoRoPR was fortunate to be on board as the unit publicist. Our first time working as a unit publicist on a film on our own – ie not working at an agency. What an amazing experience!A stunning script, interesting story, handsome actors, a great crew and the ocean! The film was actually shot ON the ocean, in two vintage dories and on a custom-built shooting raft/barge. As this was an independent feature, it was really interesting to see how a teeny budget was able to accomplish shooting at sea – something usually only big budget productions do!

Starring Billy Campbell ( The Killing, Once & Again, and yep, the Rocketeer!), Shawn Doyle (Big Love, Grown Up Movie Star, Endgame), Brian Downey (Lexx, Hobo With a Shotgun), Gary Levert (Heart of Rhyme, Moby Dick, Bag of Bones), Ryan Doucette (Cloudburst, Charlie Zone) and Neil Alan Matheson, The Disappeared tells the story of six fishermen lost in the North Atlantic. The Disappeared was written and directed by Shandi Mitchell, film maker and author of the award-winning Under This Unbroken Sky.

It is a true Maritime tale – not just for the Maritimes as in a region of Canada – but maritime communities around the world. Did you know that from the town of Lunenburg alone something like over 600 men have been lost at sea? (Not a proper statistic, just using my memory.) I am sure many of us living on the East Coast know a fisherman, and maybe don’t think how they risk their lives every day by making their living from the sea.

What we think is really special about the film is the fact that it is true storytelling, a human story; viewers go on a journey with these men, and are invested. So many films these days are about an event or a string of hijinks, while The Disappeared is six men in two dories, alone on the Atlantic, with just their thoughts and interactions. Having seen an almost final cut a few weeks back, we can attest to its powerful and thoughtful impact.

Find The Disappeared online at Follow them on Twitter and Like them on Facebook!


For Immediate Release

29 Mar

Halifax’s New Musical Obsession, SheMachine, Release First Single A New Addiction
Performance Debut and Retro Future Dance Party at the Company House on Friday, April 6

For Immediate Release

Halifax, NS – March 29, 2012 Naomi-Joy Blackhall Butler (AQuestrya) and Stephanie Clattenburg (The Superfantastics) are SheMachine, an exciting new two-piece female electronic dance band. Their first single A New Addiction is now available on Soundcloud ( ) in lead up to their debut performance and video fundraiser on Friday, April 6.

SheMachine explodes with a bomb of glitter at A New Addiction Retro Future Dance Party at The Company House. Raising money to shoot their first video, A New Addiction, the dance party also features DJ A.A. Wallace. Host Kimberly Diamondz, a local drag queen, will be entertaining the crowd and there will be a retro future costume theme, offering the winner a role in their upcoming video.

Inspired by such artists as Depeche Mode, Dragonette and Lady Gaga, the group combines 80s synth pop and industrial goth sounds. Upbeat dance hooks and powerful female vocals will have music lovers and club goers moving, singing along and craving more.

SheMachine is a departure for both Naomi and I musically and we’re having a wicked time,” said Stephanie Clattenburg. “We’re really proud of what we’re creating and are pumped to share it at the Company House, the home of SheMachine.

Naomi-Joy, mother of three, entrepreneur, singer/songwriter, dancer and actor, is one of Halifax’s triple threat artists. A “Maiden of Metal,” Naomi-Joy is in AQuestrya, Halifax’s only female fronted progressive metal band. Naomi-Joy works primarily as a professional Actor in the film industry and is a member of ACTRA.

Stephanie was half of the Halifax pop-rock duo The Superfantastics, nominated for Music Nova Scotia and East Coast Music Awards. She has written and recorded EPs and albums, and has toured Canada and the UK. Acclaimed for her original promo ideas of The Superfantastics, with video blogs and handmade merchandise, Stephanie received the Best Merch award from The Coast three years in a row. Stephanie is a professional videographer.

SheMachine performs Friday, April 6 at The Company House at 2202 Gottingen Street with DJ A.A. Wallace. Dress in retro future costumes for the chance to win a role in SheMachine’s first music video A New Addiction. Come for the addictive music and dancing, stay for the glitter cupcakes, the SheMachini (a custom created cocktail) and sweet prizes, including a Mark Ramsay photo shoot and a makeup session with Nicole Steeves.

Listen to SheMachine online at . Follow them on twitter @She_Machine and find them on Facebook @SheMachine.

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For more information and interviews, please contact:
e  p Laurie 902.440.8623 p Rose 902.495.6806

A New Addiction

29 Mar

SheMachine’s first single – A New Addiction. And hopefully yours.

SheMachine A New Addiction

Really pumped to see them live on Good Friday – it’s time to dance.

Shit Girls Never Say

28 Mar

Shit Girls Say has been an extremely succesful meme, spawning many incarnations – Shit White Girls Say, Shit Drunk Girls Say, etc.

Lady Parts Productions (Naomi-Joy Blackhall Butler, Stephanie Clattenburg & Nicole Steeves) added to the fun with Shit Girls Never Say. It is true, funny and surprising. (What is also surprising is how this video only has 6,516 views. Please, watch. Enjoy. Share if you’re so inclined.)

“I just started my period. Want to have sex?” is probably my favourite. That is shit I have NEVER heard a girl say!

That’s all for today, I needed to take a minute and have a laugh. Back to brain time.

– Rose

A new favourite

27 Mar

In early March I was fortunate to participate in Women Making Waves, a conference put on by Women in Film & Television Atlantic. (I also sat on the WMW committee and provided social media support for the weekend.) It was an insightful, engaging, interesting & fun weekend. I met some amazing women (and men) and learned a lot.

In a panel on unions in the film & TV industry, Brock University Professor Amanda Coles enlightened us on the gender imbalance that exists within the production side. There are more female than male Production Managers and in Wardrobe/MakeUp, but more male than female DOPs and location scouts. This divide extends throughout the industry, and this is how I was introduced to my new favourite…Feminist Frequency.

The Feminist Frequency is a  web series discussing pop culture with a feminist slant. Anita is amazing, I am fascinated, horrified & entertained with each video I watch.

Here is the video Amanda shared with us, of Anita breaking down women in film.

I was shocked and after watching this video I realized that so many narratives are from a male perspective, for males. Where are the meaningful female stories within the typical male storylines? They can co-exist; why does our society discount women?

Perhaps I’m thinking of this gender divide more as last week I finally saw Bridesmaids! It was funny and honest, and I connected. What I really liked is that while it was written by women, it wasn’t just for women. The man I watched it with roared – far more than I would have laughed while watching a similar male written/dominated movie.

Anyhow, I totally got off track there…My new favourite way to be amazed and entertained and engaged is Feminist Frequency. Check out The Bechdel Test for Women in Film and Feminist Frequency.

– Rose



25 Mar

Stephanie Clattenburg & Naomi-Joy Blackhall-Butler.
Shot by Mark Anthony Ramsay. Hair & Wardrobe by SheMachine, Rouge Fatale & Kimberly Diamond. Makeup by SheMachine & Nicole Steeves.

Halifax’s newest musical addiction is soon to be SheMachine, an exciting new two-piece female electronic dance band. SheMachine is Naomi-Joy Blackhall Butler (AQuestrya) and Stephanie Clattenburg (The Superfantastics).

Inspired by such artists as Depeche Mode, Dragonette and Lady Gaga, the group combines 80s synth pop and industrial goth sounds. Think upbeat dance hooks, powerful female vocals and an explosion of glitter.

LoRoPR is thrilled to be joining SheMachine in their quest for world dance floor domnation!

Intrigued? Check outSheMachine on Facebook and Twitter. And MARK YOUR CALENDARS…

SheMachine debuts at A NEW ADDICTION Retro Futuristic Dance Partyat The Company House on Friday, April 6.  Raising money to shoot their first video/short film A New Addiction, the event features DJ AA Wallace and a retro future costume party, offering the winner a role in their video! There will also be glitter cupcakes, a special SheMachine Martini and sweet door prizes.

Full event info can be found here.

We know you want more SheMachine, so here’s a little tease!

A Sleazeless Afternoon, or Our First Photo Shoot

25 Mar

We are blessed to know good people, one of them being Aaron McKenzie Fraser, a talented and cool photographer with a kick-ass beard. We hired Aaron (ie. offered beer & future services to him) to photograph us for this very site, business cards, social media, etc. and our photo shoot was this afternoon. Neither of us have never been the subjects at a photo shoot, so it was amazing having Aaron leading the charge.

Aaron is thoughtful, creative and professional, not to mention flattering. We love us some flattery! He was also the least sleazy photographer we’ve dealt with. (It was a little disappointing, actually. Ha.) Despite how cold it was, Aaron made us feel warm!

It was fun to set up shop in front of a house, and then in an abandoned courtyard for the photos. We *think* we remembered to smize! (Again, Ha.) We never thought we could feel so comfortable as a subject, so once more, great work Aaron, for making us feel at ease.

Based on his positive words, it sounds like we looked pretty good. OR he is an excellent liar. Photos will be available in the next couple weeks, and we look forward to sharing!

Muchos appreciation to Aaron for sharing his talent and time with LoRoPR. You’re the best!

See more of Aaron McKenzie Fraser’s work here.