A Sleazeless Afternoon, or Our First Photo Shoot

25 Mar

We are blessed to know good people, one of them being Aaron McKenzie Fraser, a talented and cool photographer with a kick-ass beard. We hired Aaron (ie. offered beer & future services to him) to photograph us for this very site, business cards, social media, etc. and our photo shoot was this afternoon. Neither of us have never been the subjects at a photo shoot, so it was amazing having Aaron leading the charge.

Aaron is thoughtful, creative and professional, not to mention flattering. We love us some flattery! He was also the least sleazy photographer we’ve dealt with. (It was a little disappointing, actually. Ha.) Despite how cold it was, Aaron made us feel warm!

It was fun to set up shop in front of a house, and then in an abandoned courtyard for the photos. We *think* we remembered to smize! (Again, Ha.) We never thought we could feel so comfortable as a subject, so once more, great work Aaron, for making us feel at ease.

Based on his positive words, it sounds like we looked pretty good. OR he is an excellent liar. Photos will be available in the next couple weeks, and we look forward to sharing!

Muchos appreciation to Aaron for sharing his talent and time with LoRoPR. You’re the best!

See more of Aaron McKenzie Fraser’s work here.


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