A new favourite

27 Mar

In early March I was fortunate to participate in Women Making Waves, a conference put on by Women in Film & Television Atlantic. (I also sat on the WMW committee and provided social media support for the weekend.) It was an insightful, engaging, interesting & fun weekend. I met some amazing women (and men) and learned a lot.

In a panel on unions in the film & TV industry, Brock University Professor Amanda Coles enlightened us on the gender imbalance that exists within the production side. There are more female than male Production Managers and in Wardrobe/MakeUp, but more male than female DOPs and location scouts. This divide extends throughout the industry, and this is how I was introduced to my new favourite…Feminist Frequency.

The Feminist Frequency is a  web series discussing pop culture with a feminist slant. Anita is amazing, I am fascinated, horrified & entertained with each video I watch.

Here is the video Amanda shared with us, of Anita breaking down women in film.

I was shocked and after watching this video I realized that so many narratives are from a male perspective, for males. Where are the meaningful female stories within the typical male storylines? They can co-exist; why does our society discount women?

Perhaps I’m thinking of this gender divide more as last week I finally saw Bridesmaids! It was funny and honest, and I connected. What I really liked is that while it was written by women, it wasn’t just for women. The man I watched it with roared – far more than I would have laughed while watching a similar male written/dominated movie.

Anyhow, I totally got off track there…My new favourite way to be amazed and entertained and engaged is Feminist Frequency. Check out The Bechdel Test for Women in Film and Feminist Frequency.

– Rose


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