Shit Girls Never Say

28 Mar

Shit Girls Say has been an extremely succesful meme, spawning many incarnations – Shit White Girls Say, Shit Drunk Girls Say, etc.

Lady Parts Productions (Naomi-Joy Blackhall Butler, Stephanie Clattenburg & Nicole Steeves) added to the fun with Shit Girls Never Say. It is true, funny and surprising. (What is also surprising is how this video only has 6,516 views. Please, watch. Enjoy. Share if you’re so inclined.)

“I just started my period. Want to have sex?” is probably my favourite. That is shit I have NEVER heard a girl say!

That’s all for today, I needed to take a minute and have a laugh. Back to brain time.

– Rose


One Response to “Shit Girls Never Say”

  1. wrmcewen March 31, 2012 at 3:30 pm #

    Reblogged this on Bill's Blasphemy and commented:
    “Porn is sooo romantic”

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