The Disappeared

31 Mar

Billy Campbell and Ryan Doucette in The Disappeared.
Photo by Mike Tompkins

The Disappeared
is a feature film that was shot off the coast of Lunenburg, NS in September 2011. LoRoPR was fortunate to be on board as the unit publicist. Our first time working as a unit publicist on a film on our own – ie not working at an agency. What an amazing experience!A stunning script, interesting story, handsome actors, a great crew and the ocean! The film was actually shot ON the ocean, in two vintage dories and on a custom-built shooting raft/barge. As this was an independent feature, it was really interesting to see how a teeny budget was able to accomplish shooting at sea – something usually only big budget productions do!

Starring Billy Campbell ( The Killing, Once & Again, and yep, the Rocketeer!), Shawn Doyle (Big Love, Grown Up Movie Star, Endgame), Brian Downey (Lexx, Hobo With a Shotgun), Gary Levert (Heart of Rhyme, Moby Dick, Bag of Bones), Ryan Doucette (Cloudburst, Charlie Zone) and Neil Alan Matheson, The Disappeared tells the story of six fishermen lost in the North Atlantic. The Disappeared was written and directed by Shandi Mitchell, film maker and author of the award-winning Under This Unbroken Sky.

It is a true Maritime tale – not just for the Maritimes as in a region of Canada – but maritime communities around the world. Did you know that from the town of Lunenburg alone something like over 600 men have been lost at sea? (Not a proper statistic, just using my memory.) I am sure many of us living on the East Coast know a fisherman, and maybe don’t think how they risk their lives every day by making their living from the sea.

What we think is really special about the film is the fact that it is true storytelling, a human story; viewers go on a journey with these men, and are invested. So many films these days are about an event or a string of hijinks, while The Disappeared is six men in two dories, alone on the Atlantic, with just their thoughts and interactions. Having seen an almost final cut a few weeks back, we can attest to its powerful and thoughtful impact.

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