Halifax Music: Unique, Alive and Well

3 Apr

One of the things I have always liked about Halifax, that has kept me coming back and now,  makes it home; is the music scene. Besides being the nest to some names like Sloan, Joel Plaskett, Feist (semi), Buck 65, and Jenn Grant; there is always someone coming behind them.

The music scene in Halifax is always rolling, moving along, with something new and something you need to hear. If you don’t have anything to do on a Friday night there is bound to be a show to see. There is always something happening and simply by picking up The Coast or checking things out online, you can find something to make you put on your mascara.

I have had my classic favorites for years, the musicians that always get my support and those I just love to see live. Amongst these are Al Tuck                   ( http://www.altuck.ca/) a singer & songwriter whose soulful lyrics are consonantly revered by other artists. Another is Jon McKiel (www.jonmckiel.com) who always manages to almost see right into your soul. You have got to get down with Ghettosocks (http://ghettosocks.com/), Halifax’s finest, and most relatable MC. Laura Peek (www.peekpeekpeek.com) who is perfect for in the bath or at a romantic restaurant in Yarmouth with your mother and your best friend. I am also a big fan of Ryan Cook (http://www.ryancook.ca/) who is pretty much the only reason I listen to country. Of course I could list Maritime musicians for hours that I am in love with, but I digress.

A great way to find out about music happening in the city is by taking advantage of some of the amazing local blogs. One of my favorite blogs and radio shows is Halifax is Burning. (http://www.halifaxisburning.com/). Trevor always manages to have his pulse on what is happening in the city, what is new and what is really good music. I thank him a million for playing SheMachine’s new song on the show tonight. It sounded great!

Another great blog is Broken Speaker (http://thebrokenspeaker.com/). I actually had the pleasure of meeting Jonathan and driving him down to Yarmouth for MNSW. He is a great blogger, and catches and reviews a lot of local shows.

There is no excuse to not get out in Halifax and catch a live show. Sure, you are usually broke, but there is always something cheap and something local. So grab a hold of yourself and head out! You could always try to make it the Company House this Friday (April 6th) for SheMachine, as they host a fundraiser for their first video. It’s bound to be a stellar time as we watch a new band in Halifax rock on their new feet.



One Response to “Halifax Music: Unique, Alive and Well”

  1. wrmcewen April 4, 2012 at 5:14 pm #

    I like to think of halifax as the east village of Canada, so many good artists: music, visual, dance, you name it. balla city to live and play in

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