SheMachine has one sassy show under their gold belts.

8 Apr

Friday night was SheMachine’s debut at the Company House, and fundraiser for their first video. The girls played a bit of a teaser – a three song set – but a three song set that sounded and looked great! We’d seen Steph play before with The SuperFantastics but had never seen Naomi-Joy. They both blew us away. Naomi-Joy sounds alive on that stage! She grabs your attention and keeps it! Her voice is strong, her pitch perfect, and damn! Both girls are fine.

Everyone had a good time, dancing to A.A. Wallace’s tight DJ skills, and enjoying a set from SheMachine that left us begging for more. Kim Diamondz added further delight as the hostess. What a sexy night! It was great to see the community come out and support & share in some good times.

The SheMachini Martini was delicious (LB: I should know – I had 3 or maybe 4?)  and the glitter cakes were yummy! Great additions to the night, and creative ways to help fundraise for the video for their first single, A New Addiction. The vibe and thought behind every aspect the night really shone through – from the mini SheMachine flags on all the cupcakes and in the drinks to the door prizes; a photo shoot with Marc Anthony Ramsay and a makeup session with Nicole Steeves. (No wonder Stephanie won Best Merch Award in the Coast’s Best of Music three years in a row!) These girls are working super hard in their real lives, and then manage to rehearse, record and produce their music, organize photo shoots, create amazing short videos, whilst still managing to create mini flags and plan an event!

SheMachine’s first video shoot, happening in May, is definitely cause for anticipation!

We can’t wait to hear the girls play again live soon, and are very excited to hear more music. A sweet evening of dancing and amazing, positive, sexy energy! We can use more of that.


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