Selfish Cheers

16 Apr

We met with SheMachine last week and once again were amazed at their dedication, determination and readiness. Those gals are working hard, creating hard and playing hard. Stephanie and Naomi-Joy are active participants in their lives, pushing themselves to achieve their goals. Stephanie made a comment that it inspires her to be around people who are active in their lives, going out there and doing instead of just talking.  That comment reminds us of, well, us!

Our goal for 2012 is no more shoulds; no more wondering what it would be like, no more waiting around, we’re doing.  That is how we formalised LoRoPR – why not create the job we want? It’s a bit of a mind shift, though it shouldn’t be – we all should realize it’s within.  Both of us have wanted to be steady PR professionals, and whilst traditional methods (ie find a permanent gig) have disappointed, we have been able to achieve what we want through work and determination. Lots is possible with limited resources – it’s nice to be reminded of that.

The two of us chat about how we could be excellent children’s TV show hosts and how we’d love to start a Motown band and could be fashion designers for tall/curvy bodies and at this point are confident that someday yes, we will achieve those goals.  We’re a great partnership, with strengths and weaknesses that balance, and backgrounds and passions that are varied and complimentary.

Just as it’s important to get out there and create your own opportunities, it’s also important to celebrate yourself. This is three cheers for us. And for all those artists out there, creating amazing work for us to enjoy. This weekend saw musical performances, CD release parties, the Halifax Independent Film Festival, theatre, and we’re sure countless artists at photo shoots, rehearsals, working on grant applications, and more.  We live in an amazing city, with many working to create their future.


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