Spring Swap: Or Fashion Recycling!

23 Apr
Clothes Heap

Dig in!

Here is a pile of clothes from the swap. Dig in!

Yesterday, my roommate and I hosted a “Spring Swap” at our house. A swap is when everyone takes clothes, books, fashion, and any other random things from their house they don’t want anymore and brings them to a swap. Everything gets put in a big pile in the middle, and then you jump in! You grab, try on, throw back and hopefully get some gems. The moons and the earth alined yesterday and the swap was held on Earth Day. Everything gets recycled and reused and that was our way of celebrating.

Laurie's new swap dress!I think everyone who came yesterday left with a few pieces, and I myself got 7 or 8 pieces that I love! And it was free! As someone who second hand shops a lot, this is a good way to give away things that you might just not have been that in love with, but couldn’t pass up the great deal. Or that thing from last year that just doesn’t quite fit anymore! Or maybe something that the colour is terrible on you, but you know it would be just perfect for someone else.

Sure there is still a big heap in the middle of my living room this morning, but you can really feel good about where the leftovers go. We will divide the big pile of clothes that are left into three piles. Pile one of business type clothes will go to Dress for Success, pile two of season appropriate clothes will go to a local women’s shelter, and all the rest to Ms. Sally Ann.

The day was a success overall. New clothes, more closet space, new friends, recycling and reusing, brownies and sparkling wine! I am going to make sure this event happens every year!

Happy Earth Day and all that jazz.



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