Ryan Cook: A Hard Working Country Boy; or the Tale of a Musician Making it.

28 May

Ryan Cook and me (Laurie) I went to help out Ryan Cook at his show yesterday at Acadia Hall, in Lower Sackville. The place was packed with all kinds of people, young and old, clapping along to the beauty of his guitar playing and the way his voice beautifully can sound like Willie Nelson one minute, Johnny Cash the next, or just wonderful him.

The thing about Ryan Cook is, he is making it. He is out there touring, performing and keeping his audiences and growing new ones. Last year he opened for both Dwight Yoakam, and Travis Tritt on some Canadian dates.

At one point in the show he made a comment about how in today’s music industry that best you can be doing is making it. That is making a career in music, if you are traveling, playing to crowds, and retaining and making fans, then you are “making it”. It has never been harder to have a career in the music industry and it takes some serious time, effort and love of what you are doing.

Nobody ever said that being a musician is easy, and nobody knows that better than a musician who is working full-time at their career. I think Ryan Cook serves as an inspiration to others, and he does it all gratefully; always being sure to genuinely thank his fans; and with a killer smile that makes the ladies swoon.

Check him out here: Ryan Cook’s website.




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