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LoRoPr like a super digital intelligent carrier pigeon with lasers

16 Aug

While Laurie was off enjoying Sappy on the long weekend, I was dog sitting and enjoying what Halifax had to offer. That included the sweet Natal Day concert at Alderney Landing on Saturday. Sweet free good times are the best – especially when it’s ridiculously talented locals like Rich Aucoin, Wintersleep, Alert the Medic & the Stogies. I enjoyed everyone, but man, I flipping loved Rich Aucoin, per usual. Your body just moves to his music – you can’t help it. His shows are so much fun – he gives so much to the crowd and wants us all to have a magical time. He brought out a surfboard at one point and literally surfed the crowd! So much fun. I was pretty pumped to see in his intro that he shouted out LoRoPR in a way only Rich Aucoin could. LB & I get pretty excited at stuff like this – so to lil’ ol’ us this is awesome. Such nerds. Thanks for the love, Rich! Here is the intro from his show that night, it’s grand.

“LoRoPr like a super digital intelligent carrier pigeon with lasers”




I am sappy for Sappy

10 Aug

As someone who grew up in New Brunswick, and who is crazy as coco pops for local music, it surprised even myself that I have never been to Sappy Fest, Sackville, N.B’s annual long weekend in August, 3 day music love fest.
Needless to say, I went this year and I enjoyed every damn minute of that thing. It was the music festival I have been searching for.

I am someone who loves music, but I also get anxious in big crowds, pee often and am always thirsty. This sometimes makes going to big music festival a bit of a catch 22 for me. Oh but Sappy was like a cool breath of fresh air on a hot day. Just what I needed! There is plenty of grass to chill on, and plenty of positive vibes everywhere.

photo: Pam Crouse

The whole town of Sackville is pretty lovely, and seeing as how it is so small, everyone can walk everywhere they want to go. You can skip from the main tent to the other venues easily and carefree, and really you did not have to worry too much about lineups.

And the music! Oh the music! It is so nice to find all kinds of new bands you did not know before. On Friday night I was blown away by Metz who are friggen tight man!
They make me want to be in a hardcore fun rock band. They have excellent showmanship and just look like they are having an amazing time.

On Saturday we went to this cute little picnic at the President of Mount A’s house, and saw Cold Warps and Endless Summer and that was wonderful. I was also super impressed later by Bruce Penisula, who with their four female vocalist made peeling your eyes away from the stage impossible.

Later on in the evening at the main stage I was given shivers (even though it was hot as sin) by both Timber Timbre and Silver Mt. Zion.

Photo by Pam Crouse

Photo: Pam Crouse

Sunday brought sweet little church shows, highlight being the soulful voices of Fred Squire, his partner Kate Maki and their little baby boy. Sunday evening I was suprised by Lights Fire, a drag Queen from Toronto who had me coveting her sweet dance moves.

All in all, Sappy was the best. And you can damn well believe that I will be back next year.