Laurie and Rose

Copyright 2012 Aaron McKenzie Fraser. All Rights Reserved. Cannot be copied, duplicated or manipulated in any way, shape or form.

We are hungry; we want more.

More travel and authentic experiences; new music, theatre, art, connections, tastes and looks (especially if the look is found in a bin at Frenchy’s).

We are devourers of news, stories, books and social media, and are always looking for new organizations to get involved or volunteer with.  Don’t get in the way; we’re nasty when we’re hangry ( you know:  hungry + angry)

Extensive travel has afforded us a deeper understanding of the world, and has taught us the importance of taking a moment to appreciate this life. Yet, no matter how many adventures we take, we always seem to return to the East Coast…oh how she calls!

It’s probable to find us with a dog or three, carrying newspapers, a Steinbeck novel and an Archie comic at the same time.

We are future Motown musicians, fashion designers and children TV show hosts.


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