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Film Fest Fantasia

28 Sep

The DisapperedThe film fest has come and gone;  like a gust of wind that you’re not sure you’ll survive, and then all of a sudden it is gone, and you realize that you miss its cold breeze already.

The 32nd Atlantic Film Fest was  a smashing success. I felt lucky to be involved this year, as a film that Rose and I had been Unit Publicists on opened the Atlantic Film Fest on Friday night for the Atlantic Choice, followed by the Atlantic Gala at Taboo.

The first showing of The Disappeared sold out so quickly that they added a second showing on Saturday afternoon. Which, by all accounts, is amazing! The Disappeared is an amazing character study of six men lost at sea in Nova Scotia. It was really well received by both crowds and seemed to really leave people thinking. We were thrilled to see media coverage in newspapers, online, on TV and on the radio.

One of the producers and I talked about how the film has been described as a “thinking person’s movie.” We disagreed with this point, in a way. It is not really a thinking persons movie. Anyone can watch the film and understand what is happening. But it is a “pondering person’s movie.” This film  STAYS WITH YOU. You will think about it days later, and reflect on your own fragile being. You will think about relationships, what really matters and back to how six men clung to hope when no hope was left.

Since premiering at the Atlantic Film Fest, the film has gone on to fests in Sudbury and Calgary, to great success, and will be at the Edmonton and Vancouver film fests soon. If you did not get a chance to see this wonderful film yet, I sure hope you do in the future, or you’ll be waiting for its 2013 theatrical release.

The rest of the film fest was great. The city comes alive every year with AFF, with more people buzzing around, lots of happenings and lots of meeting of like-minded people. I felt very fortunate to attend the Village Sound Gala complete with a full dapper dressed swing band and sushi for everyone.

I also attended the CBC Atlantic Choice Shorts and experienced every emotion possible in one night. I was laughing my head off at Mike Clattenburg’s newest  project , the short Cracking Down Hard. Then, I almost cried when I watched Andrew MacCormack’s Here and Away. MacCormack’s short was an amazingly poetic look at the differences between life in the city and the country. It was a great mix of films, with so many different themes and emotions.

One thing I came away from AFF thinking, is gosh, darn, damn, this region of the world has a lot of talent. We have a lot of people creating, working hard and making amazing things happen. It was a huge thrill to be a part of the festival, to feel so proud of something you had a small part in. And it’s another chance to walk away, feeling inspired. Feeling like you certainly can do anything, it is just a matter of making it happen.



Halifax Urban Folk Festival, Tapping my Toes

5 Sep

This city can be known to  grab you and pull you into all sort of events. That’s why I like it. You never know what is going to come next, or what sort of wonderful thing is going to be going on.

I recently got to put my left leg in the circle of the  Halifax Urban Folk Festival (http://www.thecarleton.ca/huff-festival). This was the 3rd year for the festival, created by Mike Campbell, owner of the Carelton, as a way to bring some folk music and great artists into the downtown area.

I was lucky enough to get to volunteer the first night, when Bry Webb and Daniel Romano and The Trilliums played. Jesus, I love these two men. Their voices cut chills right through my neck, into my heart. I have probably listened to the new Daniel Romano record 700 times, because the lyrics are so approachable, and he sounded just as wonderful and heart wrenching in person.

One thing that struck me about all of this was that everyone was so damn nice. Bry Webb was nice, Daniel Romano and his whole band were nice, the staff were nice, Mike Campbell was nice. It was just all so damn nice!

I got to go back on Tuesday to work the door for the Ana Egge and  Breagh MacKinnon show. Damn! Oh ! How these ladies can sing. I did not know much about Breagh before arriving, other than she was a Cape Breton singer songwriter who came highly acclaimed. The acclaims held up.  Her voice is striking, and I was not the  only one who thought so. Numerous people coming in remarked to me, “what a voice” “she reminds me of Norah Jones” and she sold out of CDs at the merch table by the end of the night.

Ana Egge was also amazing. Her voice kind of breaks your heart a little bit. She has lots of friends in Nova Scotia, so it was a nice treat to hear some of her favourite friends on stage with her, Rose Cousins and Joel Plaskett. The other thing about Ana, is she is really sweet. She was super appreciative of our help, and even gave me a copy of her new album, produced by Steve Earle, “Bad Blood”.  It’s amazing.
I leave you with love for HUFF, for this city, for people coming together for the love of music, and with Ana Egge’s new song, “Hole in your Halo”.


LoRoPr like a super digital intelligent carrier pigeon with lasers

16 Aug

While Laurie was off enjoying Sappy on the long weekend, I was dog sitting and enjoying what Halifax had to offer. That included the sweet Natal Day concert at Alderney Landing on Saturday. Sweet free good times are the best – especially when it’s ridiculously talented locals like Rich Aucoin, Wintersleep, Alert the Medic & the Stogies. I enjoyed everyone, but man, I flipping loved Rich Aucoin, per usual. Your body just moves to his music – you can’t help it. His shows are so much fun – he gives so much to the crowd and wants us all to have a magical time. He brought out a surfboard at one point and literally surfed the crowd! So much fun. I was pretty pumped to see in his intro that he shouted out LoRoPR in a way only Rich Aucoin could. LB & I get pretty excited at stuff like this – so to lil’ ol’ us this is awesome. Such nerds. Thanks for the love, Rich! Here is the intro from his show that night, it’s grand.

“LoRoPr like a super digital intelligent carrier pigeon with lasers”



Window Ballet 2: Electric Boogaloo!

11 May

Lisa Lipton is a super lady. She has been in numerous bands, is an artist and performance artist, and one of the most creative people I know. I am not the only person who thinks that. Halifax Regional Municipality also sees the appeal of a lady like Lisa, and once again are supporting her latest awesome project.

I am not sure if you caught Nocturne last Fall, but Lisa did a performance piece inside a house (with the help of many friends). You watched from the street and moved along with the performances, watched it all go down as figures bumped along inside, music was perfectly timed and feelings arise in your chest as you waited for the next thing to happen.

This time around Lisa is holding another house performance, but at the magical little house on the corner of Point Pleasant Park known as the Gatekeeper’s Lodge. Lisa has been living there the last couple of months, as part of an Art grant, and I found it comforting to hear her banging away on the drums, as the dogs and Courtney and I passed. I could always picture her in there, her little hands spinning away on something amazing.

So the Gatekeeper’s Lodge is the place to see Window Ballet 2 on May 18th and 19th. There are two performances each night, at 9PM and 10PM. And it’s FREE! There will be performances and musical compositions by many of your local favorites and it is bound to fascinate.


Spring Swap: Or Fashion Recycling!

23 Apr
Clothes Heap

Dig in!

Here is a pile of clothes from the swap. Dig in!

Yesterday, my roommate and I hosted a “Spring Swap” at our house. A swap is when everyone takes clothes, books, fashion, and any other random things from their house they don’t want anymore and brings them to a swap. Everything gets put in a big pile in the middle, and then you jump in! You grab, try on, throw back and hopefully get some gems. The moons and the earth alined yesterday and the swap was held on Earth Day. Everything gets recycled and reused and that was our way of celebrating.

Laurie's new swap dress!I think everyone who came yesterday left with a few pieces, and I myself got 7 or 8 pieces that I love! And it was free! As someone who second hand shops a lot, this is a good way to give away things that you might just not have been that in love with, but couldn’t pass up the great deal. Or that thing from last year that just doesn’t quite fit anymore! Or maybe something that the colour is terrible on you, but you know it would be just perfect for someone else.

Sure there is still a big heap in the middle of my living room this morning, but you can really feel good about where the leftovers go. We will divide the big pile of clothes that are left into three piles. Pile one of business type clothes will go to Dress for Success, pile two of season appropriate clothes will go to a local women’s shelter, and all the rest to Ms. Sally Ann.

The day was a success overall. New clothes, more closet space, new friends, recycling and reusing, brownies and sparkling wine! I am going to make sure this event happens every year!

Happy Earth Day and all that jazz.


Hey Good Looking, See What We Got Cooking!

22 Apr

Aaron McKenzie Fraser is one of Halifax’s snappiest photographers. We managed to snag a shoot with him on March 25th and after a little fine editing, we turned out great! Aaron has worked with many impressive clients, including The Globe and Mail, Exclaim! and Canadian Geographic among many others. You can see all his work here.

Aaron took many wonderful shots, and it was hard choosing our favourites. The final results can be seen here.

We look forward to working with Aaron in the future; if you need a photographer, we highly recommend him!

Selfish Cheers

16 Apr

We met with SheMachine last week and once again were amazed at their dedication, determination and readiness. Those gals are working hard, creating hard and playing hard. Stephanie and Naomi-Joy are active participants in their lives, pushing themselves to achieve their goals. Stephanie made a comment that it inspires her to be around people who are active in their lives, going out there and doing instead of just talking.  That comment reminds us of, well, us!

Our goal for 2012 is no more shoulds; no more wondering what it would be like, no more waiting around, we’re doing.  That is how we formalised LoRoPR – why not create the job we want? It’s a bit of a mind shift, though it shouldn’t be – we all should realize it’s within.  Both of us have wanted to be steady PR professionals, and whilst traditional methods (ie find a permanent gig) have disappointed, we have been able to achieve what we want through work and determination. Lots is possible with limited resources – it’s nice to be reminded of that.

The two of us chat about how we could be excellent children’s TV show hosts and how we’d love to start a Motown band and could be fashion designers for tall/curvy bodies and at this point are confident that someday yes, we will achieve those goals.  We’re a great partnership, with strengths and weaknesses that balance, and backgrounds and passions that are varied and complimentary.

Just as it’s important to get out there and create your own opportunities, it’s also important to celebrate yourself. This is three cheers for us. And for all those artists out there, creating amazing work for us to enjoy. This weekend saw musical performances, CD release parties, the Halifax Independent Film Festival, theatre, and we’re sure countless artists at photo shoots, rehearsals, working on grant applications, and more.  We live in an amazing city, with many working to create their future.