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Hot, Hot, Halifax

31 Jul

It’s been a busy month. A glorious month! Perfect summer weather brings backyard patios, lake and ocean adventures, bbqs with friends, and a bustling city to enjoy – hence our serious neglect. Fleeting summer, where nights are never long enough, and tomorrow’s early morning doesn’t matter. You have to get out and enjoy it while you can, strike the hammer while the iron is hot. Oh! and Halifax, there are just so many irons to hammer. No matter what you are into, there is something for everyone – arts, music, history or just plain old beautiful Nova Scotia nature.

Let’s take a look back on the past few blurry sunshine filled weeks of fun…Jazz Festival (special shout outs to Garrett Mason, Gypsophilia, Maestro Fresh Wes & Deltron 3030) and Tall Ships (Hey Rosetta!). Concerts and shows seemingly every night, not to mention Evolve. Queer Acts Theatre Festival and Pride! (Just have to take a moment to shout out to Sissydude: a dandy rock musical, which debuted at Queer Acts earlier this month. Local, campy, delightful and clever, sharply written, with ALL original rock music…we had a blast.)  It’s been a time where Halifax smacks you in the face and reminds you why she is so amazing to live in. Upcoming we have Natal Day (and a sweet free concert too – super pumped for Rich Aucoin & Wintersleep!), Buskers, Summer Sonic…and in our backyard there is Bruce Springsteen, Sappy Fest, Dutch Mason Blues Festival, Fred Rock, and much more. How do you choose where to spend your money when so much is happening?

If you don’t want to spend any money, but still want to support local music, there are some sweet options for you – relax on a soft piece of grass with the sun in your face, hearing amazing local artists! This is the 5th year for Tunes at Noon, free one-hour concerts at Grand Parade Square. The lineup is stellar and it really has a friendly, great community feel, adding a touch of whimsy to your work day. The full summer schedule can be seen here: http://www.musicnovascotia.ca/Events/TunesAtNoon2012/ and concerts run Thursday and Friday from 12- 1, until September 6th. Another free music event can be found in the Hydrostone on August 25, Music in the Park. It’s a free afternoon of sweet local artists, brought to us by the ECMAs!  http://www.assantehydrostone.com/music-in-the-park/

As for some client news, SheMachine played an amazing gig with Burnt Sugar and AQuestrya on July 20 at the Company House. The pre-pride party was an amazing night of dancing and celebrations! SheMachine’s new songs are SO good. We couldn’t help but start the dance party! We’re super excited for the debut of their EP and short film/music video in the Fall.

The Xara Youth Ensemble is busy auditioning 14-18 years olds for their pre-professional choral theatre group, launching in September. Eighteen young ladies are ready to go, and the group is looking for a few more girls wishing to develop their skills and artistry. Should you know any talented young ladies looking for an amazing opportunity with two unreal artists at the helm…XYE is it! http://murraymusic.ca/studio/xye/

A show that is coming up, that you really should try your darndest to catch is Willie Stratton and Sean Burns on August 15th at Gus’ Pub. Willie Stratton is a powerful local performer, who puts on a howling good show! In our opinion, he is one of the best up and comers Halifax has seen in a long ass time. Lashing together three part harmonies, thundering war drums, and a whole lot of soul, Willie Stratton and his band are slightly less likely to make you feel OK than they are to kill your boredom absolutely stone cold dead. He will be sharing the slot with Sean Burns, based out of Ontario, who is a longtime friend of Rose. While constantly performing live and writing music in the tradition of the traveling singer/songwriter, Sean Burns is a real weapon on the stage, delivering a unique brand of humour with an extensive repertoire. Check out their respective tunes at http://www.seanburns.ca/ & http://williestratton.bandcamp.com/. We promise a grand night of storytelling and music. Check out more information about the event at https://www.facebook.com/#!/events/346965408715479/

We leave you, on this humid July night, with this, our favourite summer song.


SheMachine Performance Footage

4 May

SheMachine was fortunate enough to have the skills of many talented artists in Halifax for their debut show, including videographer Darcy Fraser (yep, brother of wicked photographer Aaron McKenzie Fraser). He shot some great footage of SheMachine’s performance  at the Company House.  It makes us impatient for more live fun with them – can’t wait!


Selfish Cheers

16 Apr

We met with SheMachine last week and once again were amazed at their dedication, determination and readiness. Those gals are working hard, creating hard and playing hard. Stephanie and Naomi-Joy are active participants in their lives, pushing themselves to achieve their goals. Stephanie made a comment that it inspires her to be around people who are active in their lives, going out there and doing instead of just talking.  That comment reminds us of, well, us!

Our goal for 2012 is no more shoulds; no more wondering what it would be like, no more waiting around, we’re doing.  That is how we formalised LoRoPR – why not create the job we want? It’s a bit of a mind shift, though it shouldn’t be – we all should realize it’s within.  Both of us have wanted to be steady PR professionals, and whilst traditional methods (ie find a permanent gig) have disappointed, we have been able to achieve what we want through work and determination. Lots is possible with limited resources – it’s nice to be reminded of that.

The two of us chat about how we could be excellent children’s TV show hosts and how we’d love to start a Motown band and could be fashion designers for tall/curvy bodies and at this point are confident that someday yes, we will achieve those goals.  We’re a great partnership, with strengths and weaknesses that balance, and backgrounds and passions that are varied and complimentary.

Just as it’s important to get out there and create your own opportunities, it’s also important to celebrate yourself. This is three cheers for us. And for all those artists out there, creating amazing work for us to enjoy. This weekend saw musical performances, CD release parties, the Halifax Independent Film Festival, theatre, and we’re sure countless artists at photo shoots, rehearsals, working on grant applications, and more.  We live in an amazing city, with many working to create their future.

SheMachine has one sassy show under their gold belts.

8 Apr

Friday night was SheMachine’s debut at the Company House, and fundraiser for their first video. The girls played a bit of a teaser – a three song set – but a three song set that sounded and looked great! We’d seen Steph play before with The SuperFantastics but had never seen Naomi-Joy. They both blew us away. Naomi-Joy sounds alive on that stage! She grabs your attention and keeps it! Her voice is strong, her pitch perfect, and damn! Both girls are fine.

Everyone had a good time, dancing to A.A. Wallace’s tight DJ skills, and enjoying a set from SheMachine that left us begging for more. Kim Diamondz added further delight as the hostess. What a sexy night! It was great to see the community come out and support & share in some good times.

The SheMachini Martini was delicious (LB: I should know – I had 3 or maybe 4?)  and the glitter cakes were yummy! Great additions to the night, and creative ways to help fundraise for the video for their first single, A New Addiction. The vibe and thought behind every aspect the night really shone through – from the mini SheMachine flags on all the cupcakes and in the drinks to the door prizes; a photo shoot with Marc Anthony Ramsay and a makeup session with Nicole Steeves. (No wonder Stephanie won Best Merch Award in the Coast’s Best of Music three years in a row!) These girls are working super hard in their real lives, and then manage to rehearse, record and produce their music, organize photo shoots, create amazing short videos, whilst still managing to create mini flags and plan an event!

SheMachine’s first video shoot, happening in May, is definitely cause for anticipation!

We can’t wait to hear the girls play again live soon, and are very excited to hear more music. A sweet evening of dancing and amazing, positive, sexy energy! We can use more of that.

Halifax Music: Unique, Alive and Well

3 Apr

One of the things I have always liked about Halifax, that has kept me coming back and now,  makes it home; is the music scene. Besides being the nest to some names like Sloan, Joel Plaskett, Feist (semi), Buck 65, and Jenn Grant; there is always someone coming behind them.

The music scene in Halifax is always rolling, moving along, with something new and something you need to hear. If you don’t have anything to do on a Friday night there is bound to be a show to see. There is always something happening and simply by picking up The Coast or checking things out online, you can find something to make you put on your mascara.

I have had my classic favorites for years, the musicians that always get my support and those I just love to see live. Amongst these are Al Tuck                   ( http://www.altuck.ca/) a singer & songwriter whose soulful lyrics are consonantly revered by other artists. Another is Jon McKiel (www.jonmckiel.com) who always manages to almost see right into your soul. You have got to get down with Ghettosocks (http://ghettosocks.com/), Halifax’s finest, and most relatable MC. Laura Peek (www.peekpeekpeek.com) who is perfect for in the bath or at a romantic restaurant in Yarmouth with your mother and your best friend. I am also a big fan of Ryan Cook (http://www.ryancook.ca/) who is pretty much the only reason I listen to country. Of course I could list Maritime musicians for hours that I am in love with, but I digress.

A great way to find out about music happening in the city is by taking advantage of some of the amazing local blogs. One of my favorite blogs and radio shows is Halifax is Burning. (http://www.halifaxisburning.com/). Trevor always manages to have his pulse on what is happening in the city, what is new and what is really good music. I thank him a million for playing SheMachine’s new song on the show tonight. It sounded great!

Another great blog is Broken Speaker (http://thebrokenspeaker.com/). I actually had the pleasure of meeting Jonathan and driving him down to Yarmouth for MNSW. He is a great blogger, and catches and reviews a lot of local shows.

There is no excuse to not get out in Halifax and catch a live show. Sure, you are usually broke, but there is always something cheap and something local. So grab a hold of yourself and head out! You could always try to make it the Company House this Friday (April 6th) for SheMachine, as they host a fundraiser for their first video. It’s bound to be a stellar time as we watch a new band in Halifax rock on their new feet.


For Immediate Release

29 Mar

Halifax’s New Musical Obsession, SheMachine, Release First Single A New Addiction
Performance Debut and Retro Future Dance Party at the Company House on Friday, April 6

For Immediate Release

Halifax, NS – March 29, 2012 Naomi-Joy Blackhall Butler (AQuestrya) and Stephanie Clattenburg (The Superfantastics) are SheMachine, an exciting new two-piece female electronic dance band. Their first single A New Addiction is now available on Soundcloud (http://soundcloud.com/shemachine/a-new-addiction ) in lead up to their debut performance and video fundraiser on Friday, April 6.

SheMachine explodes with a bomb of glitter at A New Addiction Retro Future Dance Party at The Company House. Raising money to shoot their first video, A New Addiction, the dance party also features DJ A.A. Wallace. Host Kimberly Diamondz, a local drag queen, will be entertaining the crowd and there will be a retro future costume theme, offering the winner a role in their upcoming video.

Inspired by such artists as Depeche Mode, Dragonette and Lady Gaga, the group combines 80s synth pop and industrial goth sounds. Upbeat dance hooks and powerful female vocals will have music lovers and club goers moving, singing along and craving more.

SheMachine is a departure for both Naomi and I musically and we’re having a wicked time,” said Stephanie Clattenburg. “We’re really proud of what we’re creating and are pumped to share it at the Company House, the home of SheMachine.

Naomi-Joy, mother of three, entrepreneur, singer/songwriter, dancer and actor, is one of Halifax’s triple threat artists. A “Maiden of Metal,” Naomi-Joy is in AQuestrya, Halifax’s only female fronted progressive metal band. Naomi-Joy works primarily as a professional Actor in the film industry and is a member of ACTRA.

Stephanie was half of the Halifax pop-rock duo The Superfantastics, nominated for Music Nova Scotia and East Coast Music Awards. She has written and recorded EPs and albums, and has toured Canada and the UK. Acclaimed for her original promo ideas of The Superfantastics, with video blogs and handmade merchandise, Stephanie received the Best Merch award from The Coast three years in a row. Stephanie is a professional videographer.

SheMachine performs Friday, April 6 at The Company House at 2202 Gottingen Street with DJ A.A. Wallace. Dress in retro future costumes for the chance to win a role in SheMachine’s first music video A New Addiction. Come for the addictive music and dancing, stay for the glitter cupcakes, the SheMachini (a custom created cocktail) and sweet prizes, including a Mark Ramsay photo shoot and a makeup session with Nicole Steeves.

Listen to SheMachine online at http://soundcloud.com/shemachine/a-new-addiction . Follow them on twitter @She_Machine and find them on Facebook @SheMachine.

– 30 –

For more information and interviews, please contact:
e loropr@gmail.com  p Laurie 902.440.8623 p Rose 902.495.6806

A New Addiction

29 Mar

SheMachine’s first single – A New Addiction. And hopefully yours.

SheMachine A New Addiction

Really pumped to see them live on Good Friday – it’s time to dance.