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[title of show]

26 Apr

ImageIt’s funny we should write a post entitled Hot Hot Hot Halifax on Sunday, only to be continually inspired by local artists this week! In an age where arts education is being slashed, arts funding is hugely lacking, and reality TV rules, it’s nice to see amazing talent hard at work. This week I’ve connected with a talented film/TV actor who is writing his own show and producing his own tour; a visual artist who has been awarded grants for study/work/create abroad, and read an article a friend wrote for a magazine. I also chatted with another actor/musician/producer friend, whose new company Theatre Speak is producing [title of show] an original broadway musical this weekend at the North Street Church.

[title of show] is a one-act musical, with music and lyrics by Jeff Bowen and a book by Hunter Bell. The show chronicles its own creation as an entry in the New York Musical Theatre Festival, and follows the struggles of the author and composer/lyricist and their two actress friends during the initial brief (three-week) creative period, along with subsequent events leading up to the show’s production.

The plot/story of the show itself very much echoes my thoughts lately on artists and supporting those who are creating for us (both our enjoyment and for our future!). Theatre Speak is dedicated to providing work to up and coming theatre artists, with an emphasis on musical theatre. Once again, here are young artists creating the work they need – it’s so inspiring to me and gives me hope in such a confusing, busy and vapid world. That is a sentiment I can get behind! And man I love me some musical theatre…
[title of show] only has five performances, so I highly encourage you to get out this weekend and check out an exciting musical theatre production with a tight creative and performance team! North Street Church Friday night at 8pm, and Saturday and Sunday at 2pm and 8pm. Support your local theatre scene!

Spring Swap: Or Fashion Recycling!

23 Apr
Clothes Heap

Dig in!

Here is a pile of clothes from the swap. Dig in!

Yesterday, my roommate and I hosted a “Spring Swap” at our house. A swap is when everyone takes clothes, books, fashion, and any other random things from their house they don’t want anymore and brings them to a swap. Everything gets put in a big pile in the middle, and then you jump in! You grab, try on, throw back and hopefully get some gems. The moons and the earth alined yesterday and the swap was held on Earth Day. Everything gets recycled and reused and that was our way of celebrating.

Laurie's new swap dress!I think everyone who came yesterday left with a few pieces, and I myself got 7 or 8 pieces that I love! And it was free! As someone who second hand shops a lot, this is a good way to give away things that you might just not have been that in love with, but couldn’t pass up the great deal. Or that thing from last year that just doesn’t quite fit anymore! Or maybe something that the colour is terrible on you, but you know it would be just perfect for someone else.

Sure there is still a big heap in the middle of my living room this morning, but you can really feel good about where the leftovers go. We will divide the big pile of clothes that are left into three piles. Pile one of business type clothes will go to Dress for Success, pile two of season appropriate clothes will go to a local women’s shelter, and all the rest to Ms. Sally Ann.

The day was a success overall. New clothes, more closet space, new friends, recycling and reusing, brownies and sparkling wine! I am going to make sure this event happens every year!

Happy Earth Day and all that jazz.


Hot Hot Hot Halifax

22 Apr

Halifax is abuzz with great music happening/coming soon! It’s hard to say which shows we’re most pumped for in coming weeks…

What we’re most excited about include Buck 65 at Reflections Cabaret on Friday, April 27; but before that Olivier Jarda is performing at Gus’s Pub on Wednesday. And then the next Friday/Saturday we’ll be checking out Rich Aucoin at Michael’s. We’re both sorry to be missing Rose Cousins at the Spatz Theatre tonight, but sadly we can’t do it all. Mike O’Neill is at the Carleton on Tuesday, another show we would like to see. Which is also why we can’t go dancing to the Mellotones Thursday at the Seahorse. (Someday, all will be done, when the bank accounts are a little flusher!) It’s too bad The Town Heroes are playing on Friday (at the Casino), as Buck 65 tickets are already in our hot little hands.

And ComedyFest is in town too! Aargh, Halifax you are too interesting and exciting. Keep up the great work. It’s way more fun to be complaining about how there is too much to do vs. being boring and uninspiring. Hope to see lots of people out in the coming weeks supporting the Halifax scene and the many talented artists who are working hard to keep us entertained!

Hey Good Looking, See What We Got Cooking!

22 Apr

Aaron McKenzie Fraser is one of Halifax’s snappiest photographers. We managed to snag a shoot with him on March 25th and after a little fine editing, we turned out great! Aaron has worked with many impressive clients, including The Globe and Mail, Exclaim! and Canadian Geographic among many others. You can see all his work here.

Aaron took many wonderful shots, and it was hard choosing our favourites. The final results can be seen here.

We look forward to working with Aaron in the future; if you need a photographer, we highly recommend him!

Selfish Cheers

16 Apr

We met with SheMachine last week and once again were amazed at their dedication, determination and readiness. Those gals are working hard, creating hard and playing hard. Stephanie and Naomi-Joy are active participants in their lives, pushing themselves to achieve their goals. Stephanie made a comment that it inspires her to be around people who are active in their lives, going out there and doing instead of just talking.  That comment reminds us of, well, us!

Our goal for 2012 is no more shoulds; no more wondering what it would be like, no more waiting around, we’re doing.  That is how we formalised LoRoPR – why not create the job we want? It’s a bit of a mind shift, though it shouldn’t be – we all should realize it’s within.  Both of us have wanted to be steady PR professionals, and whilst traditional methods (ie find a permanent gig) have disappointed, we have been able to achieve what we want through work and determination. Lots is possible with limited resources – it’s nice to be reminded of that.

The two of us chat about how we could be excellent children’s TV show hosts and how we’d love to start a Motown band and could be fashion designers for tall/curvy bodies and at this point are confident that someday yes, we will achieve those goals.  We’re a great partnership, with strengths and weaknesses that balance, and backgrounds and passions that are varied and complimentary.

Just as it’s important to get out there and create your own opportunities, it’s also important to celebrate yourself. This is three cheers for us. And for all those artists out there, creating amazing work for us to enjoy. This weekend saw musical performances, CD release parties, the Halifax Independent Film Festival, theatre, and we’re sure countless artists at photo shoots, rehearsals, working on grant applications, and more.  We live in an amazing city, with many working to create their future.


10 Apr

I have always considered myself a bit of a fashionista. Lucky for me, the streets of Halifax are the place to be unique and have a sense of pride in your fashion. Ever since I stepped out onto the streets of SpringGarden Road, I was in awe! (Hey I come from Moncton- no one is calling that place fashion capital of the world) People were rocking special pieces, red coats I wanted to rip off them, scarves with patterns I had never seen.

Sure, I have seen some fun poked at the “Halifax look”; you know plaid shirts, tight jeans, black rimmed glasses. But that is a look I like, and certainly not always the standard.

There are some great blogs where I can get my fashion fix based out of Halifax. I love the “street style” blogs and love gushing over outfits at a break of work. My friend Danna does the blog which captures amazing street style, dream hair, and wish lists of great beauty and fashion pieces. Before I even knew her I was stopped by her at Halifax Jazz Fest, and it is one of my proudest moments.

Another great street style blog covering the unequaled fashion sense of Halifax is . This blog not only features amazing style, but beautiful photos. I am still waiting to be captured by them (hey- I got my fox dress on today- I might get lucky).

Lastly, be sure to check out, a Halifax based blog by Ally and L- A. This blog covers everything from Shoe Porn to hilarious Random Style Icons; my favourite of course being Stephanie K from Degrassi.

The East Coast is known for lots of things, arts, music, our love of drinking, beautiful nature. Another thing that is making its mark is our fashion. So check out the blogs and get inspired! You never know when someone is looking.

SheMachine has one sassy show under their gold belts.

8 Apr

Friday night was SheMachine’s debut at the Company House, and fundraiser for their first video. The girls played a bit of a teaser – a three song set – but a three song set that sounded and looked great! We’d seen Steph play before with The SuperFantastics but had never seen Naomi-Joy. They both blew us away. Naomi-Joy sounds alive on that stage! She grabs your attention and keeps it! Her voice is strong, her pitch perfect, and damn! Both girls are fine.

Everyone had a good time, dancing to A.A. Wallace’s tight DJ skills, and enjoying a set from SheMachine that left us begging for more. Kim Diamondz added further delight as the hostess. What a sexy night! It was great to see the community come out and support & share in some good times.

The SheMachini Martini was delicious (LB: I should know – I had 3 or maybe 4?)  and the glitter cakes were yummy! Great additions to the night, and creative ways to help fundraise for the video for their first single, A New Addiction. The vibe and thought behind every aspect the night really shone through – from the mini SheMachine flags on all the cupcakes and in the drinks to the door prizes; a photo shoot with Marc Anthony Ramsay and a makeup session with Nicole Steeves. (No wonder Stephanie won Best Merch Award in the Coast’s Best of Music three years in a row!) These girls are working super hard in their real lives, and then manage to rehearse, record and produce their music, organize photo shoots, create amazing short videos, whilst still managing to create mini flags and plan an event!

SheMachine’s first video shoot, happening in May, is definitely cause for anticipation!

We can’t wait to hear the girls play again live soon, and are very excited to hear more music. A sweet evening of dancing and amazing, positive, sexy energy! We can use more of that.